Lucas Winters

Turn And Face The Strange

The official website for the mysterious, dashing, (soon to be) renowed science fiction writer Lucas Winters. Welcome to the Universe!

Lucas Winters was born on October 23, 1994, on the mean streets of deep south Alabama. Throughout his childhood, he has dreamed of forging new universes for the humble people of Earth to explore. Under the tutelage of fellow Alabama author and artist, Dee Jordan (also known as N.L. Snowden, writer of In And Out of Madness), he studied creative writing a few years after leaving high school to properly sculpt his ideas from the raw claw of imagination to the journeys they were meant to be.

Natural born storyteller that he is, Lucas dabbles in many forms of creative expression, from novels and short stories, to film and television screenplays, scripts for comic books, and even plans to create video games and perform music. He is currently working on his debut manuscript named 'Nuketown', a stylish spacefaring version of the Cold War.

Aside from writing, Lucas enjoys playing video games, his favorite console being the Sony PlayStation, and his favorite game genres being Role-Playing games such as Fallout and Pokemon, and Platformers and Shooters. Lucas is also an avid film buff, who enjoys all kind of cinema ranging from exciting action flicks, dangerous crime thrillers, and movingly grandiose dramas. Lucas loves to hang out with his best friends, learn about scientific advancements of space travel and artificial intelligence, and explore all types of interesting fictional stories he can get his hands on.